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The next song is "Secure" by Craig Courtney.

Here's the dropbox folder with click and music

You can get the click on Youtube

(please note that I have purchased more than enough copies of this piece)

You can also access everything about this in our Facebook group

The promo materials describe it as a "sturdy anthem of purpose," but it touched me on a deeper level when the Knoxville Choral Society did it about 8 or 9 years ago. It's a combination of desperation and faith that is so where I am right now, and it is musically raw and kind of primal. No gorgeous swelling chords here, no romantic lush harmonies. Nope. This is a whole different thing.

If you happen to find a recording of it, it can seem rhythmically stiff and kind of yelly. I hope ours doesn't come out that way.

Singing style for this piece falls halfway between the operatic vibrato that was ok on the Chesnokov and total straight or pop tone. Stay in between Verdi and Billie Eilish. Don't hol…


What an experience. I had tracks from 13 singers and one incredible cellist. I wanted the video with a separate little window of each singer, but it turns out that was beyond my video editing capabilities (but it isn't now); my friend Margaret Andrea got it done.

The response was affirming and wonderful. I hoped to get singers together, make something beautiful, and lift people up on Easter. I think we did that.

here it is on Youtube

Some thoughts:

1) sending a track to someone of you singing a choral part all by yourself is a really brave thing. Particularly if that person is either a stranger, or someone you think might be perfectionist or judgmental or more talented than they really are. ahem. I tuned and edited every track, not because yall sang badly, but just to fit everything better. I enjoyed the heck out of all the ad libs, and I'm going to put them all together one day : "this ought to be good" "I've done this 47 times…

Salvation is Created

Hi! Thanks for being part of the virtual choir. I need all parts by 4:00 Saturday April 11th.

Here's the sheet music or if that won't work try Google drive here

Download and print. (click "read more" for .... more!)
You'll need a device to play the track and a device to record your video.

Here's the click track, which has the music and metronome that you'll sing with, at Dropbox, or at Google Drive here. The click track has piano playing all the parts - you should be able to play it online or you can download it. If none of the above will download for you, email me and i'll send it

Special Soprano Opportunity:  Download this 2nd sop click, sing the soprano part transposed 2 steps down, and I will move you back up in the processing. That high A becomes an F. Sing lightly on the very "low" part or skip it altogether.

Everyone will videotape themself (head and shoulders) singing their part. I will extract audio. The Dropbo…