Salvation is Created

Hi! Thanks for being part of the virtual choir.
Here's the sheet music or if that won't work try Google drive here

Download and print. (click "read more" for .... more!)
You'll need a device to play the track and a device to record your video.

Here's the click track, which has the music and metronome that you'll sing with, at Dropbox, or at Google Drive here. The click track has piano playing all the parts - you should be able to play it online or you can download it. If none of the above will download for me, email me and i'll send it

Everyone will videotape themself (head and shoulders) singing their part. I will extract audio. The Dropbox link is making people crazy, so email me when your video is done, and I'll send you a link to upload. If you have the ability to record your part with an actual microphone and/or recording gear, I'll take a .wav file any way you can make it. Just don't put…

Blesser Heart

This is one huge "mission accomplished" for me.

Finding the girls, or rather noticing the girls that God sent. Getting us organized, arranging a lot of songs, rehearsing a lot, rehearsing some more, gigging while not having rehearsed enough...

Now we've added a fourth, and the story there is pretty great too.

Our next gig is, uh, fall-ish. We decided to use the summer to get ourselves together. Clearly not there yet.w


For the past 5 years or so I have doubted myself as a performer more than I can believe. Before that I sang my own songs, sang in church (sometimes my own songs), sang professionally, recorded, etc. Didn't think much about it. But these past few years, for complicated personal reasons I am working through - and possibly because I really needed to be really, really humbled - it's been rough.

If this were a Disney movie, there would come a beautiful moment where I realized that all this adversity has given me the gift of Believing In Myself, preferably with a Believing In Myself song. Nope, I don't have one.

This isn't a Disney movie, so it's all messy and hard to see the good changes that are happening. Recently I got my feelings hurt and my fragile confidence kinda banged up by an incident of everyday sexism, which is too tedious to go into. It opened up the subterranean flood of sadness and lostness that is always in there, and boy do I hate that but whatever. I c…

Apparently, I need to get cable.

These are the cable shows that have licensed this song. I've never seen any of these shows. The last reality show I watched was "Project Runway" during the first couple of seasons. I kind of gave up TV when I went to graduate school and while I can certainly binge it out on Netflix with the best of them, I never have enjoyed reality TV much.

As far as I can tell, "Kardashians" is, well everybody knows what that is, and the "Bellas" and "Divas" are about female pro wrestlers, and "Challenge" is a "Survivor/RealWorld" thing, and "Bad Girls Club" is, well, probably what it sounds like. And "Born This Way" is about people with Downs' Syndrome and that sounds really great.

Despite my lack of, uh, experience with these shows, I'm very excited. In the world of placements this is definitely starting somewhere near the bottom. Don't ask me how much money it will make. But it's still something t…

Sometimes you're the pearl #2

Sometimes you're the pearl, sometimes you're the swine.

This is my cute thing that I say when my song(s) don't do well. And boy did my songs tank in the Smoky Mountain Songwriters' Festival Competition. I entered a few, and the last time I checked they're as good as the ones last year, but not one made the finals. This, as it turns out, is not the end of the world.

Is it braggy to say that winning contests held me back in some ways? yeah probably. Contests were helpful to me when I needed confidence, but like David Wilcox says, "you can get what's second best but it's hard to get enough." ("Eye of the Hurricane" lyric). Apparently confidence is something I need to generate on my own, and I'm working on it. In the meantime, I get to actually have fun at the festival playing out and seeing my friends, and making new friends, instead of being in my own head about nailing the performance at the finals, and who's gonna win.

Does it bu…


Remind me to tell you about 1) the guy who didn't read what he signed and 2) Cheesy. I keep forgetting to write about those.


When I was single, as a grownup, my friends and I came to realize that meeting someone, liking someone, feeling hopeful, talking, messaging, maybe even going out once, were no guarantee. So we stopped telling our friends. Because when you're 11 (or, in my case, 33), it's fun to talk to your bff for hours about what it meant, really meant, when he said "see ya later" or "I like that song too." But then when your friends ask you a week later "so did he call?" and (in my case), he didn't, it got old. Because, really, there was nothing to tell, so I stopped telling. I was just looking for someone to hope with me.

When I was infertile, a good friend said that she would hold hope for me, because when you hope and then are disappointed, it's like the hope burned you; and you get to the point where you wish you could just stop hoping. But you can't. I've tried. I'm grateful that my infertility ended, and no waiting-for-music-business-n…