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update: So it turns out that when you move songs around on Reverbnation, the links don't go with them. I move the bodies, they don't move the headstones. Thanks for that Reverb.

I wrote the above song, which isn't linked anymore, with my co-writer Adam Byrd, who is a great writer and we have a great cowriting relationship that features millions of text messages, long arguments featuring lots of bad language, and good songs that actually get finished. Speaking of actually getting it finished, we are still revising. But it's coming along and you'll have to trust me.

This was fun

Really, really, really fun.

This is "Bear With Me," at the Open Chord Brewhouse. Which is a great venue and I can't wait for my chance to gig there. More about that later.

Special thanks to Diane Shelton for filming this. What I am saying before the clip starts is that I wrote the song with Fish: "he writes with everyone. He's kind of a songwriting.... slut..."

P.S., I am not really this fat. The camera adds at least 35 pounds.