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Because life is bizarre, I forgot that there is something I have always wanted to do. I have been in a washing machine for a few years, getting spun around and drowned in the agitations of my own ego and the agonies of starting over in a new place. I have been hoping to rebuild the outside things like gigs and connections, but have had to rebuild some inside things first. Like trust and forgiveness. As I have slowly emerged from my own personal spin cycle, dizzy and dripping but finally clean, I've noticed that I'm less interested in singing the perfect songs in the perfect place, while wearing the perfect outfit. I'm a little bit more happy about getting to sing with people I like, or people who challenge me or make me laugh. My favorite people to sing with are those I can help, and sometimes my favorite kind of helping is just shutting up.

Obviously those who can, do. Obviously, those who can, also teach; as do (sometimes) those who can't. My teaching, however, is be…