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What do you do with it?

I have a friend who loves studying the Bible, but doesn't want to join a bible study or a Sunday school class because he's used to studying "at a certain level" and doesn't want to find himself with a bunch of people who are just discovering what he learned years ago. I get that. It's boring. And I used to work with a drummer who was phenomenal. Quick, great instincts, someone who heard the whole ensemble and the room, and fit himself in accordingly. Someone who I could put a chart in front of, and he'd feel his way through a brand new song like he could read my mind.

But he was irritable. Snappish. He drank too much. After a few rehearsals, I knew why. He was bored. Why did we have to go over it? He had it, and he resented those of us who did not have it on take 1.5.

I get that. My musical execution is far from perfect, but the "getting it" part comes easily for me. When I was in high school I had my first experiences of sitting the…