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What do you do with it?

I have a friend who loves studying the Bible, but doesn't want to join a bible study or a Sunday school class because he's used to studying "at a certain level" and doesn't want to find himself with a bunch of people who are just discovering what he learned years ago. I get that. It's boring. And I used to work with a drummer who was phenomenal. Quick, great instincts, someone who heard the whole ensemble and the room, and fit himself in accordingly. Someone who I could put a chart in front of, and he'd feel his way through a brand new song like he could read my mind.

But he was irritable. Snappish. He drank too much. After a few rehearsals, I knew why. He was bored. Why did we have to go over it? He had it, and he resented those of us who did not have it on take 1.5.

I get that. My musical execution is far from perfect, but the "getting it" part comes easily for me. When I was in high school I had my first experiences of sitting the…


I'm writing again. That's the short version; that is the happy ending.
I have these droughts, blocks of time where I don't write songs. Usually goes along with feeling bad about myself, life change, or some kind of adjustment where my songwriting needs to change. They're droughts, because my songwriting garden could bloom if I watered it, and for different reasons, sometimes I don't. Moving to a different state and having a baby was an awful lot of distraction, and crawling out from the life change and the postpartum whatever took a while too.

I write best when I'm in a cycle of writing / performing, and if I'm trying to write with no hope of when people will hear a song, eh, that doesn't work so well. So, in the interest of getting myself cranked up again, I went online in search of a guitar player. Since my last guitar player / collaborator / all around Very Useful Music Guy is just about impossible to replace, I went online with much skepticism. …