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The Mother Hood

I have heard a lot about how parenthood is a creativity-killer. It can be, since it sucks the time out of life in surprising ways. How can I have no time when I don't seem to do anything?

Here's where all the well meaning people chime in with "parenting blah blah blah most important job in the world blah blah blah." And yes I get that. I'm not asking for reassurance that what I'm doing matters, I know it does. It's just taking a while to know where all the time went. I'm not constantly changing diapers or feeding, it's just from time to time, and our baby is easy and contented. Mostly. And I have a fantastic husband who truly does HALF, at least in the summers. It probably has to do with not being able to finish anything that I start, or not remembering what I intended to start, or not remembering where I left off when I did start but did not finish any given task. Nevertheless... new songs are in my head but only vaguely. This also has to do with …