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For Unto Us

I have always loved Christmas. Why not? It celebrates some of my favorite things: food, family, magic, snow, presents, winter, singing. Even when I was a kid, and I only understood the Christ part of Christmas on a basic level, I loved it. I think the Christ part of Christmas is something that everyone can enjoy, even if they don’t want to sign up for the whole Jesus-saves ball of wax. I remember seeing the Charlie Brown Christmas show and getting chills when Linus would say in his lispy little voice “Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy which will be for all the people.” The idea that a little baby being born can change everything, and that the tidings of great joy were for ALL the people.

For this reason, infertility was extra sucky and painful at Christmas. About two years before I got pregnant, a couple featuring a very pregnant woman got up to speak at church about how they felt about waiting for their child in the context of Advent, the season of waiting for the birt…

The Mother Hood

I have heard a lot about how parenthood is a creativity-killer. It can be, since it sucks the time out of life in surprising ways. How can I have no time when I don't seem to do anything?

Here's where all the well meaning people chime in with "parenting blah blah blah most important job in the world blah blah blah." And yes I get that. I'm not asking for reassurance that what I'm doing matters, I know it does. It's just taking a while to know where all the time went. I'm not constantly changing diapers or feeding, it's just from time to time, and our baby is easy and contented. Mostly. And I have a fantastic husband who truly does HALF, at least in the summers. It probably has to do with not being able to finish anything that I start, or not remembering what I intended to start, or not remembering where I left off when I did start but did not finish any given task. Nevertheless... new songs are in my head but only vaguely. This also has to do with …

What I've been doing

Daniel Stanton Ashley born 2/5/09.