I'm having so much fun making this video! The wrap party is planned and now I just have to finish it and hope my computer doesn't catch on fire. Video takes a lot of memory and RAM and all that.

This song is about feeling excluded from the world of women because of infertility. It's also about how the pain of it can be private but the weight gain is really obvious. It makes me look like "somebody's mom," but I'm not. The theme of the film festival is about realizing and telling, and for me this song is about the frustrations of looking like one thing but not being able to be it. The making of the video has caused a lot of disclosure. In order to ask for help with this video I've told many friends about our struggle. For some reason, the weight gain has always been "the elephant in the room" and talking about it openly is a big part of disclosure for me. Maybe I just want people to know that the weight came on because of treatments and drugs (I have done many IVFs), not Twinkies.

Anyway, the video will be here or on Youtube or something the weekend of March 29, and the song will be downloadable by then too. Another infertility song, with a different mood, is going to be done shortly after that. Maybe another video....


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