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I had my knee replaced in February. I thought it would be like, oh, this knee looks bad, let's just put in a new one. It was a little more complicated and a little more painful than that. But I've been feeling kinda mostly myself again, so I've gotten some work done, part of which was getting some songs videoed.It's been a rough year and a half and i've written some sad songs but this one is fun. 

One of the rough things was losing one of my college friends, who passed away from cancer a couple of months after my dad died. I never know when I'm going to write a song about someone specific but this one just kinda happened all at once.


 and this is kind of an old song but a fun one...


I've spent the last couple of weeks getting some vids of Blesser Heart done so you might want to check out our new website here. I've also got a couple of sync songs cooking and I might even record some of those sad songs next time I am recording.


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