What an experience. I had tracks from 13 singers and one incredible cellist. I wanted the video with a separate little window of each singer, but it turns out that was beyond my video editing capabilities (but it isn't now); my friend Margaret Andrea got it done.

The response was affirming and wonderful. I hoped to get singers together, make something beautiful, and lift people up on Easter. I think we did that.

here it is on Youtube

Some thoughts:

1) sending a track to someone of you singing a choral part all by yourself is a really brave thing. Particularly if that person is either a stranger, or someone you think might be perfectionist or judgmental or more talented than they really are. ahem. I tuned and edited every track, not because yall sang badly, but just to fit everything better. I enjoyed the heck out of all the ad libs, and I'm going to put them all together one day : "this ought to be good" "I've done this 47 times" "I really think this one is it" etc. Very enjoyable. Editing the tracks of those I sang with long ago was really cool ; it was quite literally good to hear your voice. I was also thrilled to get tracks from strangers, acquaintances or friends of friends.

2) I learned so much about editing for a choral recording, mixing a choral recording, and shaping a choral recording. I use Melodyne for vocal editing and Cubase for recording. I learned that starting something like that with less than a week before Easter was really pushing it. I wanted it online for Easter by 10:30 at the latest, and it went up at 10:23 after a mostly sleepless night and more stress than I really need.

3) Getting your big fat video tracks to me was just about the hardest part. I'm open to suggestions, but Google Drive worked the best. Dropbox is incredibly frustrating because instead of sending you to my dropbox, it seems to put you into your account, if you have one, and that's not what we want. Pull it together, Dropbox.

4) This virtual choir thing is moving to almost all Facebook, because that's easiest, but I'll put an outpost on Instagram too, and I will also put files here.


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