The Backlog Project

 I decided to make videos of all the songs that I haven’t finished, figured out how to play, or whatever. Here’s “Broken Star.”


 It’s like the world woke up in about 3 days. I made contact with a local venue I’ve been wanting to play and there was actually someone there who answered my message. Suddenly, instead of wondering who I shoulda have made nice with but didn’t, I had been handed two slots to fill or host myself. I actually got to reach out to other writers and invite them to play with me. I’m really not good at self-promotion but that one message that I sent made a big difference. The venue will be nice but not full, since it’s in Pigeon Forge, but both Blesser Heart and I need a Hamburg - a regular gig that isn’t make-or-break so we can get comfortable - as the Beatles did in a beat-down city with zero prestige. Pigeon Forge is no Hamburg but it is far for our fans. Of course the venue might forget my number if we don’t draw but we’ll hang on as long as we can. And then also … you know how you send out your novel or your songs or your plays and it’ll be a miracle if they get anywhere? Well maybe not f

Blesser Heart: Walkin’

 “Walkin’ Papers”


 2008, pregnant, my last show in Chicago: “Todd, Get a Car” 

My convoluted process #1


New Stuff

Click here for new song vids I had my knee replaced in February. I thought it would be like, oh, this knee looks bad, let's just put in a new one. It was a little more complicated and a little more painful than that. But I've been feeling kinda mostly myself again, so I've gotten some work done, part of which was getting some songs videoed.It's been a rough year and a half and i've written some sad songs but this one is fun.  One of the rough things was losing one of my college friends, who passed away from cancer a couple of months after my dad died. I never know when I'm going to write a song about someone specific but this one just kinda happened all at once.    and this is kind of an old song but a fun one...   I've spent the last couple of weeks getting some vids of Blesser Heart done so you might want to check out our new website here.  I've also got a couple of sync songs cooking and I might even record some of those sad songs next time I am rec