The next song is "Secure" by Craig Courtney.

Here's the dropbox folder with click and music

You can get the click on Youtube

(please note that I have purchased more than enough copies of this piece)

You can also access everything about this in our Facebook group

The promo materials describe it as a "sturdy anthem of purpose," but it touched me on a deeper level when the Knoxville Choral Society did it about 8 or 9 years ago. It's a combination of desperation and faith that is so where I am right now, and it is musically raw and kind of primal. No gorgeous swelling chords here, no romantic lush harmonies. Nope. This is a whole different thing.

If you happen to find a recording of it, it can seem rhythmically stiff and kind of yelly. I hope ours doesn't come out that way.

Singing style for this piece falls halfway between the operatic vibrato that was ok on the Chesnokov and total straight or pop tone. Stay in between Verdi and Billie Eilish. Don't hold the notes longer than their written value.

I have added percussion. The piece has some hand claps and foot stomps written in; ignore those. (sorry Craig). I want around 4 percussion tracks, and if you have any kind of drum around the house (conga, djembe, cojon, drum kit) do NOT use it. I want homemade, social isolation DIY percussion. I have been walking around my house banging on things for a few days, and my favorite instrument so far is the dryer. There is a low hit and a higher hit in my percussion pattern; I'd like lots of "boom" in the low and some "crunch" in the higher. You can stomp and / or clap if you like or find something to bang on that feels right. I'd like all the percussion to be different "instruments", so that when mixed together it sounds huge. Make sure there isn't too much echo, so I can separate the notes and line them up, in the unlikely event that your timing isn't perfect.

The percussion track has the main pattern, a single heartbeat on the second two verses, and a double heartbeat in two places. There is also the shaker, that's just the metronome, don't play that. If you need a track with the percussion louder than the piano, let me know. This is a serious song, so make sure your percussion choice isn't humorous or distracting. Playing it on the toilet seat might be fun, but not on this song.

I know what you're going to say.

1) do I have to do a percussion track? NO. Only if you want to.
2) Do I sing while doing my percussion track? No. But if you can, I'm impressed ('cuz I could not). If you are coordinated enough to lip sync while doing your percussion track, that would be cool, especially if turnout for this piece is more than 16 people. But if you can't do both at once well, then video them separately. I can't use a track with two different things on it.
3) Can my nonsinging but rhythmic friend play a percussion track? Heck yeah.

I'm doing all of this under my music email address :, so get in touch that way if the Facebook group doesn't work for you.


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