Salvation is Created

Hi! Thanks for being part of the virtual choir. I need all parts by 4:00 Saturday April 11th.

Here's the sheet music or if that won't work try Google drive here

Download and print. (click "read more" for .... more!)
You'll need a device to play the track and a device to record your video.

Here's the click track, which has the music and metronome that you'll sing with, at Dropbox, or at Google Drive here. The click track has piano playing all the parts - you should be able to play it online or you can download it. If none of the above will download for you, email me and i'll send it

Special Soprano Opportunity:  Download this 2nd sop click, sing the soprano part transposed 2 steps down, and I will move you back up in the processing. That high A becomes an F. Sing lightly on the very "low" part or skip it altogether.

Everyone will videotape themself (head and shoulders) singing their part. I will extract audio. The Dropbox link is making people crazy, so email me when your video is done, and I'll send you a link to upload.

or send by Google Drive, if you have gmail this is easy:
1) record your video
2) share it to Google Drive - get the app

3) email it, but click the Google drive icon, not the paper clip

or send by iCloud.

If you have the ability to record your part with an actual microphone and/or recording gear, I'll take a .wav file any way you can make it. Just don't put any reverb or effects on it. Or if you want to video and record audio separately, go for it. Turn off the air conditioning or heat or anything that makes background noise.

If you're not feeling very photogenic, keep in mind that all the videos will be on screen, so you'll just be a little square in the crowd.

By sending me these files you give permission for your sung vocal part and video image to be used as part of the choir video only.
I will take all the recordings of all the parts and mix them into something that sounds like a choir.

If you would like to use the finished choir video for your church, you may.
Please note that I own at least 55 copies of this piece, so I'm able to make it available to you for this project. Please don't duplicate your digital copy for your own purposes.

Here's how you do it:

1) you will need headphones or earbuds, something to play the click track, and something to video you singing your part. The audio from your video will go into the group recording so make it as clean as possible.
2) Be sure to start video recording first, then start the click track. The track starts with a chord for the men to get their notes. Then there are four empty beats.
3) Try to record in a not-echoey place. If you are stuck at home with kids, I recommend the closet.
4) Sing as well as you can. Keep your dynamics between mf and mp; I will tweak the dynamics in the mix. This means back off on those really high notes or wherever you're really feeling it.
5) In the highly unlikely event that your intonation is less than perfect, don't worry. I can fix it. Just sing a good take and trust me with the rest.
6) The tempo is deadly consistent. Stick with the beat. I will juice up the ritardandos in the mix.
7) If you have ever sung this, yes, it's faster than some. I like it like that.
8) If there are just one or two notes that are too high or you aren't going to sound good on, skip them.
9) Once your recording is done, check it. Make sure you didn't distort anywhere (from being too loud) or drift too far from the beat.
10) Sing whatever part you want, or as many different parts as you want.
11) If you know a low bass who needs help with the technology, help him. We need low end on this piece.
12) Please sing "al-ley-loo-ee-ah" on the "alleluias"
13) Turn off the air conditioner before you sing. If you make noises like rustling papers or clearing throat or yelling at your child to go away (or is that just me), I can take them out.
14) if you mess up, you can re-start in the middle. Just start the new segment by saying the measure number of where you're starting, then count in a couple of measures before you start singing.

Upload your files here by Friday, if possible. If later, I can probably get them in. I'll be posting it on Sunday morning for Easter.

Text (865) 724-8624 or email me : with any questions.

Sarah Motes Ashley


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