Somebody's Mom Video

Click here to see it on YouTube:

There is no need to click over to the Infertility Film Festival to vote for it - unofficially I've already won. But if you like it, leave a comment someplace (here or at YouTube).


Jules said…
WOW. I love "Somebody's Mom".

Thanks so much for your video.

Jules xoxoxo
No Minimom said…
Beautiful, poignant song! Made me get all misty-eyed, because I was that girl in the stirrups just months ago. Thank you.
luna said…
I came over from the IFFF site. love the song and video! wishing you luck on #6. ~luna
JJ said…
love your song/video! wishing you luck...
beagle said…
Here via Bea,

Great song, it hits to the heart of it.
Anonymous said…
I just heard your song. It made me realised the world in which a person who wants to have a baby (and can't)lives.
I was wondering if it was a personnal experience? Because I'm putting on a play for next october about the integration of technology in our lives and I want to talk about the in vitro method. I would like to find some persons whom experienced it and hear what they have to say. You can contact me at

St├ęphanie L, Canada
MIUMIU said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jeanne said…

I love "Somebody's Mom". I found it via IFFF.

Then I looked at this site and then watched another video of you on YouTube.

Thank you so much for the beautiful music.

My thoughts are with you!!


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